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Wizerunek rasowego biznesu

  • Dorota

    Authenticity It is the key word for business people!

    I would like to show who you feel you really you are.

    I take the photo of You in your favorite apparel and make up, while considering the standards of Your industry. This way You appear credible and trustworthy.

    All energy of the session concentrates around You and Your image and needs. My desire is to make this session a unique experience for You, not just another service.

    It’s my job to show You in style and all the glamour known from the lifestyle magazines.

  • Atmosphere

    The session with me is like a chat with a partner and it starts with a cup of excellent coffee. Magical interiors, cozy atmosphere are the keys to great photos.

    I work without stressful flashes to get through to this unique part of You which led You so far in Your career, so together we can achieve even more.

    Relaxed conversation, natural light and my straightforward approach allow You to be Yourself and Your face radiates with natural charisma and inner power!

    The session results in unique photos which show Your class, attitude and aspirations. It is efficient in terms of business and one of a kind – just like You!

  • Dorota

    Practical photos

    On different business platforms Your image should fit into a tiny frame which will represent You in front of you business partners, headhunters, etc.

    The content of Your profile is important, but do we really have time to read every profile? No, we do not. In the world overloaded with information our brain chooses a simple path and reads the message in more atavistic way – from one’s face. Shaped by evolution we are able to identify very quickly the person who we are going to trust and the one that we are not.

    This is the photo (and its emotional footprint) which becomes a dominant of Your profile. It is the element of Your image which is the easiest to interpret and remember.

    Some rules we follow::

    Before the session we need to decide on:

    • Your optimal set of clothes.
    • Your personality traits that You would like to emphasize.
    • Your budget and the number of the final photos.
    • The reasons why the session is such a great experience:

    • I do not torment You for many hours during the session.
    • I do not flood You with hundreds of similar shots – I make only narrow spectrum of frames.
    • Your pictures are checked by three photo editors to make sure that Your image is applicable.
    • A subtle retouching will give Your image natural and professional refining.
    • You can always count on a piece of free advice on the choice of the photos for specific image-related goals.
    • I am storing Your photos on backup servers for 10 years!
    • Win-Win
  • Dorota Ceranka-Czajkowska
    Business trainer, mentor, consultant

    I have had a dozen or so years of experience working in media and many photo sessions behind me. However, the one with Peter was truly exceptional! I hit upon an enthusiast of photography and psychology and a keen observer. For him a person he works with is in the centre of attention, his needs and understanding of his business.

    The trust which had been built during the session led to the photos where I am my authentic self, I believe in what I do and I have my own story that is visible in the pictures. Now I can share it also through my portrait. What Peter was able to bring out it is much more than just an image. It would not be possible without his unique skills combined with experience. I recommend collaboration with Peter to all who need a professional business session.

    Ralf Halbach
    General Manager Roche Diagnostic Poland & SubRegio

    Piotr was selected as our Business Photographer. He is an expert in this area and can really help to crystallise the essence in the portraits he takes.

    He gives very good advice on how to best use light, clothes and colors to ensure the pictures have a very positive impact. On top, Piotr is able to create a relaxed atmosphere during the photo shooting that helps to take even better portraits

    Magdalena Petryniak

    CEO Story Seekers Poland

    The collaboration with Peter in realization of the photographic session was for me a real pleasure. Professionalism combined with great sensitivity and easiness translates into a very positive atmosphere and revealing in the photos the true colors of one’s personality.

    Peter made me aware of the significant role the photography plays in business and with the use of some psychometric tools showed me what impact the individual photos have on the viewers. I recommend the collaboration with Peter to all professionals.

    Kinga Knapik

    Sales Director at Core Services Sp. z o.o.

    Professionalism in every way. The team has deserved A+: individual approach, super nice interpersonal contact and speed of action. A great business session in a delightful atmosphere.

    Rafał Mroziewski
    Chairman of the Board at Mondi Poland

    I would like to recommend the sessions realized by Peter. What distinguishes them are an individual approach and customizing the photos with the focus on the individual traits of the photographed person. I am very satisfied with the effects of his work.

    Within a very short time I received all package of photographs, including photos suitable for different occasions – e.g. profiles for social media, for interviews, articles or the ones for expressing my critical attitude towards the market. I appreciate a lot his unique engagement and straightforwardness which made our collaboration so much easier.

    Agnieszka Jagielka
    Head of Sales and Marketing Lee Hecht Harrison DBM Polska

    Peter has conducted a professional photographic session for our employees which for many of them was an interesting and memorable experience. Everything was done quickly, efficiently and with full professionalism. The results we can admire up till now! My profile photo, which I like very much, is of course Peter’s work of art! I strongly recommend a collaboration with him.

  • Dorota
    Depending on Your professional position and activities in media we propose one of the several options of the photographic sessions. The higher Your position is, the more effort and precision it needs to show Your charisma and attitude in line with Your brand profile.


  • How many photos do I really need?
    Decide for which portals and information channels you need Your photos and depending on Your promotional activities we will select an optimal number of photos. To be perceived as an active member of the community it is advisable, on average, to update Your photo every half a year.

    Which attitudes and personality traits should I emphasize?
    Decide what makes You different and unique, what kind of feedback You usually receive? It is worth taking under consideration all this information while creating the photos. Your photo should reflect Your most important personality traits as well as Your temperament.

    Why the session in my own apparel and make-up?
    Why should You pretend You are somebody else in the photos? I can bring out Your beauty and strengths without the help of staff of stylists. This will result in real and intimate portraits, which will make You stand out

    Men without make-up?
    Natural skin texture will underline Your masculinity the best way possible!

    How long does the session last?
    Most of the sessions take no more than an hour.

    Why does the session Take place in natural light?
    All the best portraitists work with natural light. Why? Such an arrangement allows You to feel comfortably and I am able to control Your emotions and postures more precisely.

    Most of You are not professional models and You will react badly to aggressive flashes of lamps, which make subtle emotions shallow and raise unnecessarily emotional tension

    When do we choose the photos?
    We select the photos together after the session. I usually send digital contact sheets by email to formally confirm the selection.

    How long do I have to wait for the photos and in what form will I receive them?
    On average You have to wait for the postproduction of the photos for 3 banking days. In case of the profiled photos 75% - about 4 banking days, in case of the profiled photos 97% - about 7 banking days.
    I deliver the photos in 2 versions – full size and 37% of the original.

    Final files are sent digitally followed by an email notification.
    A backup is made from the photos which are stored in the expert packages for 10 years.

    What business dres to take?
    When it comes to business photographys choose simplicity.

    Your dress should fit your body

    Take with you your favorite calssic and remeber to skip stong colours and mix patterns outfits.

    Remember that the way You will prepare for the session will have a significant influence on its results. The photos will be taken to the middle of Your thighs. In the photos it is You who is the most important – not Your stylization.
    The client usually ask for a couple of less formal shots so it is advisable to have something to wear also for this occasion.
    During the initial conversation about the budget we will decide how many sets of apparel will be necessary for te session.

    What about the styling/make-up/hairdresser? /strong>
    In case You wish to have Your make-up and hair done, Jarek Jóźwin deals with it: http://juzwin.com. He is a leading make-up expert for Maybelline brand with whom I have been collaborating for 10 years now.

    Cost estimation of group sessions
    Group and corporate sessions are estimated individually.

    In the inquiry specifications please state the following:
    • number of people divided by gender
    • where the session will take place
    • preferred number of photos for each person (or total number of photos))
    • necessity of make-up/hair stylist/stylist
  • Company
    New face of business
    In times of social selling business has never been in need of such authentic and precise photographic sessions as it is now.

    It is a never ending list: a footer. LinkedIn, intranet, offers, post, press -wise photos attract attention and attune people to better communication.

    I can do sessions of up to 30 people in your company during one day caring about precision of the message and aesthetics of the photos.
    I take most of the photos without help of a make-up artist or hair stylist – instead I use natural light. This way the final costs are lower. We choose the photos straight after the session and I deliver them in 4 working days.

    Zdjecia wybieramy od razu po sesji i dostarczam je po 4 dniach roboczych.

    Outstanding sessions start with effective communication. This is why I want to encourage you not to send enquiries and just have a conversation on the phone instead.
    Together we will define your company’s needs and an optimal budget. No pressure.

    A company session – how to make it successful?

    1. Do not send enquiries to many photographers and do not make a choice only based on the price – photography is a service, not a serial product. Choose 2 best photographers.

    2. Referrals should be the main criterion of your choice. Write ONLY to those photographers who have 30 different referrals on their LinkedIn profile including participation in really big projects. This will give you an assurance of quality and that the person you hire is going to complete the project on time.

    3. Choose according to the rule: 70% of your decision is based on quality and 30% on the price. Economical budget usually means disappointment at the end of the day.

    When you start communication and make initial arrangements pay attention to:

    ✔️​ Your first impression after talking to the photographer – have you set up a relationship based on partnership without unnecessary cottoning up? The photographer should be engaged and supportive but not overtly nice

    ✔️​ Be precise – add some sample photos in your enquiry

    ✔️​ Communicate all what is important, so you feel that the project will be a success – the photographer will know exactly as much about your needs and priorities as you tell him

    ✔️​ Confirm all the arrangements by mail, so both you and the photographer are sure about what has been agreed on

    ✔️​ Show a little class – answer ‘thank you’ to the offer, even if you have not chosen it this time

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