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Piotr Furman
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Business shoots

We give business a friendly face. What they see is what they say

visual effect

In an increasingly virtual world, an “easily accessible” image has become one of the key aspects of building consistent and well-thought-out business credibility. A multitude of factors contribute to creating your image – from purely business-related, such as customer service, strategic decisions, corporate culture to emotional – how the company is perceived by current and potential customers. When competition is strong, visual aspects act as your business card and often determine whether the customer will notice your company in the crowd and consider working together or buying your product. Unfortunately, many companies underestimate the importance of their image, sabotaging themselves in effect.

However, a picture speaks a thousand words – it communicates quality, standards, attention to detail – everything that tops the customer’s list. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about product photos, context photos or images of people forming the company – there is one message: you either inspire confidence or you don’t.

brand awarness

We specialise in the following photo shoots:

  • executives
  • VIP`s, artists & scientist
  • image-building for communication purposes
  • products – so-called “packshots”
  • advertising and billboards
  • “METAMORPHOSES” – a new and attractive form of motivating employees
  • Sesje biznesowe

    Business photo shoot

    Do you aspire to achieve more?

    Great know-how, experience and equipment! Our profiled photos will ensure the right perception on social media and reinforce your professionalism.* Perfect for your LinkedIn profile. We have over 300 such photo shoots under our belt!

  • Sesje wizerunkowe

    Image-building photos

    Time for great photos for publishing in the media!

    Professional photos for professional purposes. Perfect when you need a precise image for self-promotion. Not in the slightest bit pretentious.

  • Sesje korporacyjne

    Corporate photos

    Do you need pictures illustrating your company’s values?

    A unique image? You’ve come to the right place! We have experience in image-building work with large corporations! Our profiled photo shoots result in excellent content for a website, folders or annual report.

  • Metamorphoses

    Do you want to motivate your employees?
    Let them take centre stage!

    NOur metamorphoses with experts working with celebrities are a truly magical experience. We’ll advise, teach and assure full styling, including advice on colour palettes and an analysis of cosmetics. The shoot will result in shots that look like those that don the cover of top magazines!

  • Sesja prezent

    A shoot as a present

    Exceptional portraits, unique moments!

    Come to a shoot that you will remember for the rest of your life. Professionals known from the press and Piotr Furman will create a magical atmosphere, which will result in editorial-level photos!

  • sesje prywatne

    Private photo shoot

    Show yourself and express yourself!

    In this photo shoot we’ll show you exactly the way you want. From femme fatale to business mogul!
    We’ll show your emotions and feelings with artistic flair. Stress-free, of course!

  • Sesje zarządów

    VIP & Executive photo shoots

    Time to show leadership!

    Our photos confirm your leadership position within an organisation. We produce perfect photographs for internal communication, interviews and social media, all completely stress-free.

  • Packs Shots

    Product photos

    Photos with a real wow factor!

    Our photo shoots will bring out your product’s advantages! They’ll show it in a simple and effective setting. We’ve done shoots for Apple, Samsung and many companies from the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and IT sectors. The smallest object photographed was only 3 mm in size!